Do your sets come compete or do I need to purchase the Magnetic Eyeliner seperately?

All of our lashes come complete with the 2 x top lashes and 4 x bottom connectors. Nothing extra is requried to be purchased. One of the great benefits of our lashes, is that they can be worn with or without magnetic eyeliner.. If you prefer to wear magnetic eyelashes with a magnetic eyeliner - we do sell the magnetic eyeliner seperately :)

Are your lashes comfortable to wear?

Yes we always factor in the wearer when designing our lashes. We try and test every lash for comfortability and durability to make sure buyers are getting value for money.

Are your Magnetic Eyelashes easy to put on?

Just like anything, applying our magnetic eyelashes does take a few practice runs, however once you get the hang of applying them - you will be able to pop them on within minutes. Below is a step-by-step diagram on how best to apply our magnetic eyelashes.

Please feel free to checkout a few of our quick application demonstrations on our YouTube page

Are your lashes easy to take off?


Our Strip lashes are just pulled off. This is why it is important to try and get the strip lash adhere to your skin as opposed to your lashes, so that when you pull the strip lash off, it doesn't take any off your natural lashes in the removal process.

Our Magnetic lashes are also just as easy to remove. You simple use your fingers to slide the magnets apart to remove the magnetic force between the top lash and the bottom connectors. 

What are the lashes made of?

Our lashes are all handmade from Korean Silk Fibre. Korean Silk Fibre produces the highest quality lashes in the market. Korean Silk Fibre is also used to make the popular eyelash hairs used in Eyelash Extensions. It is the softest and closest fibre to real eyelashes.

What size do your lashes come in?

Our Strip Lashes are made with the standard 32mm length lash band. This can be cut down to size.

Our Magnetic Eyelashes are 28mm long along the lash line. They have 2 x 3mm magnets on the outer eye to enable the lash to be cut down to a shorter size (25mm) if needed. 25mm is a perfect length for smaller eyes.

What lash lengths do your lashes come in?

Our lashes range very widely in length. Our Natural lashes range up to approximately 13mm in length and our Glam lashes range up to 18mm in length. We also have an option in our header menu to display lashes based on length :)

How curly are the lashes?

Most of our range is comparible to a B curl used in eyelash extensions. Our new released styles "Angelina" and "Flora" are comparable to a D curl used in eyelash extensions.

Do you have video tutorials to show how to put the lashes on?

We currently have a video which demonstrates how to apply our magnetic eyelashes, however we do not currently have an application video to show how to apply the strip lashes. This is a very common product and videos are widely available on Youtube to demonstrate how best to apply strip lashes :)

The "Tutorial" highlights section of our Instagram page ( has a handful of tutorial demonstation videos for you to watch, but our most favoured application method can be watched by following the link below. 

The key with an easy application of our magnetic eyelashes is to ensure you position the bottom connectors in place 1st, and then bring in the top lash. Once you are able to get the hang of the magnetic eyelashes, we can assure you that you will be able to apply them within minutes.

Is My Beauty Fix Magnetic Lashes reusable?

Our Magnetic Eyelashes are reusable! 

Many of our customers continue to wear their magnetic eyelashes for 12months or longer (depending on how often they wear them). As a general guide - our Magnetic Eyelashes should lash approximately 30 daily wears.

How many magnets are there on each lash strip?

The top lash has 2 x 3mm magnets on either end (1 on the inner eye and 1 on the outer eye). 
These are accompanied by 2 x 3mm bottom connector magnetic lashes (see diagram below).  
We have tried and tested lashes with more magnets than this, however we have noticed that the more magnets you have - the more of a challenge the application is, as well as the straighter the lashes appear along the lash line.

Do the Magnetic False Eyelashes fall off?

Magnetic eyelashes have the same holding power as strip/false eyelashes, however they are more susceptible to be caught on fabric or textiles and slide off. Our recommendation is to keep them nice and clear of any materials they may catch onto (hug and greet friends with caution ;p ). If you keep clear of any touching and contact with your eyelashes, they will last through HIIT training, exercising, dancing or until your stumbling home from a night out at 5am in the morning.

What type of magnets are used for your Magnetic False Eyelashes?

We use 3mm N52 magnets.

Do you sell Magnetic Eyeliner?

Yes we do, click on the image below to see our Magnetic Eyeliner.

If I already have Magnetic Eyeliner, can I use your lashes?

Yes, if you already own a magnetic eyeliner, then you are still able to use our lashes with any brand magnetic eyeliner.

Do you have stockists that sell your lashes?

Yes we do. Please refer to the "Stockist" option at the top of the page to view our list of approved Stockists.

Do you offer wholesale prices for bulk purchases?

Yes we do. Please refer to the "Wholesale" option at the top of the page.

Our tips to apply lashes in minutes

Applying any fake eyelashes can be a tricky task. It's often a love/hate relationship. Magnetic False Eyelash are a godsend for those that just can't seem to master false eyelashes, or for those that have experienced allergic reaction to extension adhesives or strip lash glue. If you are new to Magnetic False Eyelashes, they can take a few tries to get used to. It is rare that people are able to nail a perfect application straight away. There are many handy tutorials on YouTube, but we have decided sum it all up for you and provide you with our Top Tips below. These are our tried and tested tips for nailing the perfect application of our Magnetic False Eyelashes. Whilst you may not be an expert straight away, we can guarantee that once you are able to master applying our magnetic false eyelashes, you will be able to pop them on within minutes. A true instant makeover!



CEO & Co-Founder

Tip 1: Mirror

Having two FREE hands and a mirror will be essential in applying your magnetic eyelashes. One hand will hold the top lash and the other will hold the tweezers (which will hold the bottom connector).

Tip 2: Curl & Mascara

Many customers prefer to curl their natural eyelashes and then apply mascara (before applying the magnetic eyelashes). Some customers opt for a mascara free application and just curl their natural eyelashes before applying the magnetic eyelashes.

Tip 3: Curve & loosen the band

If your eye shape suits a more curved appearance of your lashes, we recommend pinching and running your pointer finger nail and thumb along the top band to loosen the band and create a more curved appearance.

Tip 4: Steady Eyes

Many customers find that looking straight ahead with your eyes as wide open as possible and steady (no blinking) - helps to position the lashes as close to the lash line/base as possible.

Tip 5: Bottom Connection. Super Important!!!

Where you position the bottom connecting lashes will determine where the top lash connects. The key is to hold the bottom connector as close to the lash line as possible. Then you simply bring the top lash in towards your natural lashes and the magnets will draw to each other and connect. Your natural lashes will be "sandwiched" in between the top lash and the bottom connectors.

Tip 6: Spare Travel Set

We highly recommend to always keep a spare set of magnetic lashes with you in your handbag. Whilst magnetic eyelashes are a great alternative to false eyelashes, they are still open to possible hiccups (just like falsies are). It's best to refrain from scratching or touching your eyes or getting your eye area too close to fabrics/textiles. Yes we have had our lashes catch on (and slide off) whilst giving a friend a greeting hug ;p

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