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Alluring Magnetic Eyelashes will work wonders on your eyes if you like to wear long and wispy lashes. These Magnetic Lashes are commonly referred to as resembling a 'shining star'.  This look has shorter lashes on the inner corner of the eyes and graduates to longer lash lengths towards the outer eye. Shine bright like a diamond with these Magnetic Lashes at your next party or night out. 

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Do I need a magnetic eyeliner to wear these?

All of our Magnetic Eyelashes can be worn without a Magnetic Eyeliner. To hold the lashes in place, the bottom connectors work to secure the Magnetic Lashes into position.

What is included in the price?

Our Refill Magnetic Eyelashes comes complete with 1 x set of "Alluring" Magnetic Eyelashes and 4 x bottom connecting lash magnets (2 per eye).

Why is there 2 size options but others only have 1 size?

This particular set of lashes is from our Original design lashes which offered 2 different size options for wearers.

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