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Levana Magnetic Eyelashes are one of our glam styles. Appearance is similar to a classic eyelashes extension set mixed with a bit of volume (aka Hybrid Set). The lashes are very long and voluminous, but still super soft in texture. The lash band is the thicker style, but it's not heavy to wear. The perfect compliment for a party or night out.

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Do I need a magnetic eyeliner to wear these?

All of our Magnetic Eyelashes can be worn without a Magnetic Eyeliner. To hold the lashes in place, the bottom connectors work to secure the Magnetic Lashes into position.

What is included in the price?

Our Magnetic Eyelashes comes complete with 1 x set of "Levana" Magnetic Eyelashes and 6 x bottom connecting lash magnets (3 per eye). 

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